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New York State Association of Municipal Purchasing Officials (NY SAMPO)

Dedicated to the ongoing support of our membership through education, certification and networking opportunities, The New York State Association of Municipal Purchasing Officials (SAMPO) continues its tradition as the leading resource for New York State's public procurement professionals.

In conjunction with the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, SAMPO offers a broad, targeted program of classes, seminars and events that work to help members raise their level of knowledge, expertise and standards of excellence in the field of public purchasing, thereby promoting public trust.

As government purchasing continues to evolve as a highly specialized career controlled by unique regulations, guidelines and professional standards, SAMPO supports its members in this important endeavor by raising and maintaining the ethics of the profession, fostering the development of fair and open competition by using applicable uniform codes, laws and procedures, and achieving recognition of the purchasing profession in all public agencies.

Participation in SAMPO can enhance the efficacy of purchasing departments in all government agencies. We encourage those in the field of public procurement to join us. Click here for more information becoming a member.

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